Recently team onlineprasad had opportunity to interview Gaurav malhotra who is a celebrity Astrologer as he uses sodapdf to document his experiences.

Gaurav Malhotra
Gaurav Malhotra

Please give a brief introduction about yourself

I am an expert in roofing company naples fl with extensive global exposure. I have been a science and engineering student and did my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from one of the India’s premier institute; NIT (National Institute of Technology.) Click to read – WebDesign499 Besides working with IT giants like IBM and travelling all over the world staying at many campments with the best equipment from Survival Cooking, I have given most of the time to the divine science of Astrology. I started Astrology as my hobby but soon it turned into my passion. My specializations are Black Magic identification and cure, Evil Eye, Horoscope Reading, Lal Kitab, Vedic Remedies, Horoscope Matching, Gemstone Suggestion, Rudraksha Therapy and make hand make yantras.

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Last but not least, I am also the author of a hugely successful bilingual blog on Astrology I have celebrated overwhelming success in many countries including Canada, Australia, UK, USA etc. I have helped many people across the world with my knowledge and skills to improve their life and finances to cover their needs. I am consulted by many famous personalities from film industries, modeling, sports and politics.

You were an IT graduate from very reputed NIT & had a great experience in Canada, What made you to come back to India & made you turned towards Astrology?

 I reached at a point in life where I had to choose between my passion (Astrology) and my job albeit I was in IT since 15 years and practicing Astrology both at a time. I undoubtedly chose my passion. The reason for coming back to India was purely based on my strong bond with my homeland and the positive feedbacks of people who experienced my astrological consultations. I wholeheartedly want to serve people with my proven proficiency and skills. I was informed by quite a few people that there are many fraudulent astrologers out there who are deceiving people under the guise of “Expert Astrologer” which leads Astrology to get notoriety. I thought I could make a difference by making people aware about the intricacies of Astrology and save them from these ‘so called’ Astrologers. 

In starting you didn’t had much belief in Astrology being an engineering graduate, what made you to believe in it? Did you experiment it? 

Science and technology believes in everything which can be proved in a logical way. Being a science and Engineering student, I was not an exception to this approach. I was quite skeptical about Astrology and did not initially accept it straightaway.

I went through many old scriptures which were written more than 2000 years back on Astrology, studied their principles in detail, and applied them on hundreds of horoscopes to find out the accuracy. I was amazed to find the accuracy of the ancient Vedic Astrological principles. I initiated a serious study and also started advocating it to the people only after I was sure that it is something that is accurate and can help people in many ways. I did lot of experimentation with remedial measures as well and came up with my conclusion about which of the remedies are the most effective ones.

What role does Astrology plays in your life?

I have used Astrology at many points in my life. When I reached at a point where I had to choose either my passion or my job, I took help of Astrology and looked at my birth chart. I was even more prompted to take up Astrology full time when I looked at my birth chart which was also pointing towards a career change. I take all my critical decisions based on my birth chart and the muhurta principles. So, it is an integral part of my life.

How much importance a person should give to Astrology in his/her life?

A person should take Astrology up till the level in his life where he can obtain adequate knowledge about his journey on this earth so that he can learn from his past and work on his present to make his future successful. Importantly, one should not rely on this totally as we should not forget at the end of the day there is some holy eternal power that created us and this universe. Who has the power to change anything, thus to change the fate and the destiny of a person is a small thing for him. Even the Astrological remedies encourage to take up the worship of supreme entity with the help of mantras, worship, fasting etc.

What were the critical factors behind your success?

One of the factors is the honesty. I am fair and honest in all my dealings of life. I avoid suggesting people the expensive remedies if those are not required. I put myself in other’s shoes and think about other’s gains rather than my own. Turning my passion and interest into a profession leads to my success.

You are very dynamic in terms of online presence and in updating your followers, how is the experience of connecting with people via your site, Facebook etc? How important is digital media for you?

Admittedly, digital media has changed the overall communication into a very easy process. It is a vital source of spreading knowledge and information to the people around the world. Digital media has helped me to keep the followers up to date with my videos and Mantras. It feels great that through media I am giving aid to people on large scale without my own benefits and getting their blessings in return. Moreover, technology enables me to be available for people any time via cell phone, skype, email etc, and makes it handy to give responses in a matter of seconds to my followers. On the other hand it does not provide any need to have face to face interaction and it makes possible to share my expertise with anyone, no matter where they live.

What is the one thing which fascinates you the most about Lal kitab? 

The unique thing is that Lal Kitab has full of practical, effective, inexpensive and easy remedies for all kinds of chronic and critical troubles in daily life of a person, without putting oneself into any ordeal.

 What were the typical cases you were encountered with? How much it impacted the customers?

I well-handled many cases related to dark area of occultism. The people were affected by black magic. I treated victims of this wicked practice with my own set of remedies. The good thing was that the people, who were affected by it since many years got cured completely within a short span of time with the help of very cheap and useful remedies.

 If you were being asked to describe Lab kitab and Astrology in few words, how would you describe it?

Lal Kitab is a beautiful blend of Vedic Astrology and Palmistry with a scientific concept; it contains simple and logical remedial measures, ethics and doctrines which get  to the bottom of one’s  day to day predicament and  helps people to get out of their ocean of problems.

Astrology is a deep examination of arrangements, patterns and links of cosmic planets and stars at the time of people’s birth in-order to gather data which believe to influence an individual’s life and gives a meaningful thought to the occurrence of happenings in past, present and future of that person. In short, it’s a “Science of Stars.”

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