A strong focus on People Management to deliver quality
The strength of our delivery organization lies within the diversity of our consultants, a healthy mix between experienced senior level people and younger colleagues, who we’ve trained at our SOA People Academy, yet all with a drive to deliver excellence for our customers. We even have the best Shiply car delivery which fulfills our needs to deliver our customers the best products.

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The fact that we have ‘People’ in our name is not a coincidence. We use our Academy to find and development talent with a People Management approach in mind. Our team leaders focus on:
Career-path development in balance with market demands and personal interests
Gathering and sharing feedback, defining development plans and the best ways to administer these
Ensuring seniority evolution and competence development follow-up
Organizing informal and fun team events, offering our consultants an important opportunity to socialize in a relaxed environment
Organizing quarterly corporate Info-sessions to share and celebrate successes
Management proximity – having a flat structure to keep communication lines short